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Highland Precision Ag

Highland Precision Ag is dedicated to providing growers with the data they need to make fast, accurate decisions about their farming operations. Our agronomists analyze data collected from weather and soil conditions, scouting and laboratory results, and aerial imagery while providing growers with the predictive analytics needed to help save time and money while achieving more sustainable growing practices.

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Your Precision Ag Toolkit

Highland Hub is completely customizable, giving you the freedom to pick the services and analytics that you need, and organize your workload into one virtual space. From weekly images and analytics of crops, to virtual scouting reports, log books, FMPs and record keeping, Highland Hub provides you with a time-saving digital solution.

  • Crop Counting
  • Rate of Change
  • Hotspot Analysis

Manage Your Entire Farming Operation

Highland Hub organizes every aspect of your farming operation, allowing you to study the past, see the present and plan for the future.

  • Manage mapping and data by land area, blocks, crops and varieties
  • Track and input crop protection from the nursery to the farm
  • Track and store your food safety, and other regulatory logs and permits
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Get to know your crops

from the ground up

Before you begin planting, we want to learn more about the soil. Our Lab Services team is available 24/7 to investigate soil properties and characteristics to determine the areas of your farm that are nutrient deficient and offer a detailed plan to address these deficiencies.

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Ten times more efficient than walking your field

Revolutionary UAV Technology

Meet Your New Virtual Scout

We custom built our UAV with growers in mind. Outfitted with five camera lenses that are able to capture images at a resolution of 6.8 cm per pixel, our UAV will monitor your crops after they are planted. From identifying diseases and deficiencies to estimating the nutritional value and more, our UAV is designed to fly under the cloud line, allowing you to collect the precision agriculture data you need to more accurately predict your yield.

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Manned Aircraft

Get Your Scouts in the Air

With the ability to capture large areas of land at a 10 cm per pixel resolution, our manned aircrafts can collect more data at one time than our drones, giving you the ability to identify hotspots over a vast area of land.

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Spectral Information

Capture Imagery Anytime, Anywhere

By leveraging various satellites designed to capture agricultural information, we can easily capture imagery over large areas, no matter where your farm is located. Along with high-quality spectral imaging sensors, you can rest easy knowing any problem areas will quickly be identified.

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