Streamline Compliance Requests

Here at Highland Precision Ag, we are dedicated to helping you through each step of the growing process—including assisting you in meeting local, state and federal regulations through our Regulatory Compliance Maintenance Program (RCMP).

As part of the RCMP, our Compliance Retainer Program is a risk-avoidance strategy, encouraging growers and grower representatives to contact HPA with questions on everyday regulatory matters that might help avoid future compliance issues.

Our team will become your point of contact for these agencies, eliminating the need for you to spend countless hours sifting through paperwork, making phone calls and finding solutions to these often complex rules, regulations and policies.

Headed by Danny Kushmer, Director of Environment, Restoration and Compliance at HPA, our compliance team is experienced in water-use permitting, surface-water systems, labor and housing. By working closely with our marketing and public relations team, they can ensure that you are promoting the clearest message to regulatory officials in compliance presentations.

  • Always Just a Call or Email Away: Give our compliance team a call or email with questions you may have concerning your regulatory matters.
  • Stay on the Leading Edge of Updates: We’ll send you periodic newsletters and email alerts about updates to environmental rules, regulations and compliance—all customized to your growing practices.
  • Protected From the Ground Up: We’ve compiled a list of HPA-preferred law firms that are experienced in
    regulatory and compliance issues in the event legal representation is required or desired.

Apply for the Regulatory Compliance Maintenance Program Today

Don’t spend too much time and money digging for solutions to complicated rules and regulations. The Regulatory Compliance Maintenance Program is open to all growers, including IMPAC Certified Growers.

Download the Compliance Retainer Program Agreement Election Form today for peace of mind tomorrow. You may submit your Agreement Election Form electronically via email to dkushmer@highcor.com or fax at 863-844-4292.

If you have further questions regarding the Regulatory Compliance Maintenance Program or the Compliance Retainer Program, feel free to contact Danny Kushmer directly.

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